2011, one week in

Preview for something I Should Not Be showing you

Last year I started making New Years’ Resolutions. While I passed one with flying colours (I completed 5 minicomics, instead of the 4 I set myself), I failed the other horribly (one painting a month turned into one very long creative dry spell and a sudden gush of painting at the end of the year).

So this year, I’m making more.

The resolutions plan for 2011 looks something like this:

  • The Year of Comics with the most excellent lazytigersan. Those who have followed the blog since…before the last issue may have noticed that I posted one entry on the ROCKsweet challenge and sort of ended it there. To keep it short and excuse-free, lazytiger and I were both very busy around the end of the year and decided to restyle the challenge. I’ll be posting more on this one soon…
  • 20 pushups by the end of the year, as determined by C.
  • project with the lovely miss e r i
  • and, i think, over a drunken picnic i agreed to completing one painting by March.

There is a little more to my life than the resolutions above. I’m also looking at studying art this year and, I suppose, seeing just how much I can take on. 2010 was very much about waiting, growing and steadying myself. 2011 looks like it might be up for a bit more fun.

Plus it is the Year of the Rabbit and I always approve of that.

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