SWEET - cast shot. Lineart 2009, final version Jan 2011

SWEET – cast shot, updated

o/~ Everybody I know has to face the trains

Long time readers of this blog may remember the previous version of this image. The lineart hasn’t been changed from the original, but I redid the advertisements, the city view and the tones.

While I’m seeing more obvious mistakes in the lineart now, this is still a special picture to me because it was one of the first complex pieces I did in ages, because of the things I learned working on it, and because Squidgey was an absolute saint working through it with me. Someday I’ll post a photo of the very hefty folder of drafts and printouts of this image, on the way to getting the final.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original, completed August 2009:

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  1. RevMe – yes! Go you for spotting that. Somewhere someone is depositing more awesome points into your awesome account 😀

    e r i <3 - thank you, that is very kind of you! And my tumblr is spae 🙂

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