Update time

So to break up the silence, have an update full of folio.

February has been a crazy busy month for me, and it’s still going! One of the big things that happened is that I am now studying again.

This is the folio I used to get into my course, including some new stuff and some old stuff that hasn’t been posted yet. The cover is old reliable. I also had a little booklet of ‘bonus content’ (mainly concept art and other studies, that were relevant to the course) at the suggestion of a buddy of mine.

They signed me up on the spot. 🙂

I’ll be posting some of the folio contents later.

One thought on “Update time”

  1. Waaah Wen! I can’t wait for you to post up more detailed pics of your foli! It looks super fun and profesh! 😀 Hope the course’s been going well ~ 😀

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