Speedpaint 20110928 - Shiseido the Eyeshadow ad

Speedpaint – The Makeup ad


Commentary below
I wanted to do another speedpaint, so I decided to work on something I’ve always really wanted to do – properly rendering makeup. Especially big swabs of dramatic costume makeup.


Referenced off a Shiseido the Makeup ad, mostly came up with my own palette again. In the original ad, the model’s face is done very very pale and beautifully dramatic, to the point where there are almost no shadows. I decided to bring out the values more to make sure I understood the structure of her face…which is fine, but I got lost in the point of the exercise. Next time I want to render makeup, I think I will stick to something similar with dramatic lighting and focus on just the makeup instead. 😐 Also, I started painting this the wrong way 🙁

It was amazing seeing everything pulled together that much more strongly once I painted the incredible blue in her eyes though!

Eventually I achieved some of the shading and highlights on her eyes by using my own customised jitter-loving brush.

This one is a bit hasty and blah. Time for the next one!


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