Monday night life drawing break time life drawing - 20111114

It’s time for another round of Monday night life drawing!

At this point I should remind everyone that the Monday night life drawing posts are usually full of nipples, especially girl nipples, and therefore possibly not safe for work.

Also this post has the slightest suggestion of girlhair.

So let’s start with quick scribbles of people and postures done during the break.

Ready? Here we go-

 this week we had the same fantastic model as the last session. She does some great poses and holds them well for the time. Apparently last session was her very first life drawing session ever, so wow!

Apparently I also like drawing her knees.

my favourite for the night...if only I'd had more time!!
my favourite for the night...if only I'd had more time!!

She got out a cute hat for this one, and it was an interesting study. I had trouble working out the foreshortening at first, but the shading was fun – if only there was more time! I think I got the shading on the torso done alright for this one, if only we’d had more time…alas.

A couple of people asked me about the arrows on the pictures. I make notes to myself about mistakes I notice later on, or things I could do better. The arrows are a nice visual shorthand. In these two cases, the neck on the first one was a bit long, and in the second one the torso should have been longer.

And here’s the big hour picture. I haven’t put so much effort into the drapery before, certainly not in a drawing, and most of it was messing around with scribbles and blending.

And that’s all! My life drawing collection has gotten…substantial since I started. I’m looking to get rid of a bunch of my old life drawings all of them, really, including a few from this set.

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