Environment speed sketches 20120414

the Missing April Megapost

April was a kind of busy month for me. But I did manage to get in some practice doing things I’m just not used to, and start focusing a little more on working from imagination.

So let’s play catch-up in one mega, mostly chronological post:


A speedpaint done exploring some new things I’d learned about lighting. Done with less reference than I had recently been using.


As you might have noticed from the blog, I don’t tend to draw animals often. So it’s a bit of gloating, but for my first time drawing cockatoos (piecing these guys together from reference and imagination), I’m fairly pleased with this one.

The background was not such a success though 😛

This one was inspired by my own personal Easter weekend alarm clock. Thanks, guys.


I’ve always been a bit nervous about exaggerated caricature – it feels a little like the extremely skilled but at least moderately evil twin of portraiture. One very cool cartoonist on Twitter suggested these were more cartoony portraits, which I’m a little more comfortable with.

Although I really do want to crawl up on character #1’s cheeks and fall asleep. *_*


Practice with environments, something I very much need. Neither from reference.


A bit closer to my painting roots after a bit of a mad week – simple, four tone painting (not including eyes, background or clothing), form and lighting from reference. Lately I’ve noticed that I seem to be able to crack out of a tough art time more quickly when I’m painting my favourite muse…funny that.


And to cap off mega-post, a quick speedpaint.



Goodnight, everybody!

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