I think I’ve proven with previous posts that I can’t leave well enough alone. This is a strength when I’m fiddling by addressing the weaknesses of a painting, not so much when I’m fiddling for the sake of fiddling.

What started out as what should have been a rushed painting with quick, loose strokes left to the viewer to complete turned into something more, something a little more detailed and still pretty minimalistic. I was pleased enough with that.

Then Squidgey poked and prodded it. Start by showing the environment reacting to the character, show the reflections of the light a little more. Simple things that I should have known, and didn’t do. So I added, here and there. Then I found a couple of places to tweak the composition, to not just present a flat image but apply what I’d learned from deconstructing other pictures, and try to make this painting a little more 3d, give the viewer a better sense of direction, lead the eye. Add a few more things here, fix how this looks there, pull it all together a little more cohesively and…

Well, this one was worth the fiddle 😀