The Ifrit

The Ifrit Digital, 2013
The Ifrit
Digital, 2013

This started off as a loose sketch of an idea, and turned into a painting.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been busy painting and preparing for shows and exhibitions. I recently went to the Liedekijn exhibition launch, and there was something very exciting about receiving the catalogue and seeing my work on display (and in such fine company!)

Next week, I’ll be in The Young Ones exhibition in Canberra, showing off Miasma and another piece. While Liedekijn is (soon to be was 🙁 ) a fantastic sequential exhibition that pulled together many different pieces into a collaborative comic, The Young Ones promotes Canberra artists under age 25…a club I’m soon to graduate from, but it’s nice to get a piece in while I’m still eligible. 😉

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