Comics I'm working on
this is what’s keeping me busy right now. The best part about posting these screenshots of my comic progress is seeing all the pages filled out a few posts later!


For something like the first time this year, my excellent writers have left me to amuse myself and I don’t have any major projects or shows due for the next month. Whew!! Right now I’m using this downtime to work on Sweet NV2 and redesign some aspects of Sweet to make it the comic I want to tell now. Sweet started as a series of vignettes with characters, a role that Sweet NV has well and truly taken over for me. I still have a story I want to tell with Sweet, but it has changed a little as I’ve grown older and developed a different view of the world. So, back to the writing stage for me. And Sweet NV to both explore the world and blow off steam as I do it. And another little project that I really want to share soon…

Right now writing feels like the preliminary sketch before a painting: a crucial and often fun part that will really help me in the long term, but initially daunting and even a little frustrating as I try to make sure everything fits just perfect before colouring in. I know I’ll have some ridiculously proud moments down the track when everything is in its place, but that moment feels so far away!

Yuko Ogura quick study
Referenced sketch of Yuko Ogura.
In future: beware stray sketch lines that may look like a beard.


In other news, I’ve temporarily taken down my Storenvy shop while I re-check what I have, and get a few admin things fixed up. But I plan to re-open it early next week, with a bonus giveaway! Stay tuned…