Mid-November update

I thought things would start to quiet down by the end of the year but…not so much, really. I’ve had a non-stop busy 2013, both in art exhibitions and markets, and back in the sometimes extremely unpleasant real world. I am a little proud to look at the list of events I’ve been or involved in to so far, but can’t say I’ll be sad to see the end of this year. There’s even something on tomorrow night! For those of you in Canberra tomorrow and looking for art to appreciate on a Friday night, stop by Gorman House for the CCAS Members show (and check out my piece!).

At any rate, I’m grateful for the good things and hope to see you at a few more shows in 2014.

Meanwhile, in those precious moments of downtime I’ve had, here’s something else I’ve been working on:

Preview page of Sweet NV2 Digital, 2013
Preview page of Sweet NV2
Digital, 2013


The first page for the first story of Sweet NV2! It’s a direct continuation of the fairy godmother story from NV1, which you can get in my online store. I’m reluctant to upload any more pages just yet – I want to show everyone the finished comic in one hit! NV2 is a new and strange thing to me, as the normally shy and retiring Mumu’s turning out to be the main character of the entire book. I suppose that’s appropriate as NV is a bit of a break for me from other comics and projects to rant and explore ideas I don’t normally get to try with these characters. Between other projects, NV has also been the easiest for me to get to do without feeling guilty about neglecting it for stretches at a time. The longest story in the collection so far is a whopping 12 pages, and some of the shorter stories seem to jump ready-made from my brain to the pen. It’s a nice change from some of my other writing, which feels like stumbling to a pen or keyboard and cutting my arm off until it stops bleeding blood and starts gushing rainbows of coherent story…but that’s a story for another day.