Clear skies ahead

SKY - Digital piece by SpAE, 2013.
Digital, 2013.

The CCAS members exhibition came down on the weekend. So from now to the end of the year, it’s time to catch up on some other projects. I’m on the home stretch of NV2, in the middle of designs for an issue of another series, and doing a little more writing on my own. Today’s quick warm up sketch comes from admiring just how silver the clouds have been lately.

At the exhibition opening last last week, I overheard some people talking about my painting. The most interesting group, and the group who spent the longest looking at it during the time I was there, were gesturing and chatting very excitedly, though unfortunately in a language I don’t understand (yet). And then one of them went right up to the picture and pointed at one of the people turning into ice cream and there was a big “a-ha!” moment in the group. It was kind of thrilling to watch people get right up close and connecting with my art.

I’ve never been so proud of my own work.

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