Conflux 10 winddown

Conflux10 was on Saturday. It was perhaps not the market for me (and I wish I had had the chance to drop in on some of those panels!), but it was a great place for meeting some very fascinating storytellers and making new friends.

And I got two Harlan Ellison anthologies, so win.

One promise I’d made to myself, I did make come true: I got a few pages of sketching done over the convention! If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed the spamstream of Inktober posts (a very cool idea that I have been almost participating in).

Conflux 10 - convention sketch of the day! unerased pencil markings, sharpie and copics
Conflux 10 – convention sketch of the day!
unerased pencil markings, sharpie and copics

this was one of my favourites from the day.

until next time!

The day before a market…

Our newest book – The Thing That Should Not Be, 24Hr Abyssal Journey Edition! Out of the depths of madness and into our hearts.

The Conflux 10 Saturday Bazaar is on tomorrow, and I will be there! So tonight was for con prep.

Stock, sorted. Bags, packed. Clothes, vaguely thought about. Sustenance for the day, most graciously handled by the better half.  Ideas, bouncing madly.  New books, ready! (eeee!) Presentation for the sudden avalanche of sweets deco I find myself bringing? Um…and there it is. There’s my kick into panic mode. That last blog post where I said “events keep me honest“? What the hell, past-me? I’m going back in time to slap my past-self. At least she had post-show ice cream. >:|

(As a side note: I will be bringing those earrings from that same post to the show tomorrow. They could go home with you!)

Taste of Spring - sketch Digital, 2014
Taste of Spring – sketch
Digital, 2014

I’ve had a busy week, but a busy week that didn’t allow much time out for convention prep. The last market I went to was so relaxed and routine that it wasn’t so much of an issue – once I got there, the biggest thing I learned was that I didn’t bring enough consistently displayed clay crafts for it to look like the crafts were either mine or for sale.

I got the “didn’t make enough” part fixed, but I’m still working out the best way to display everything! It feels like this convention will be a test for the next, outdoor (eep!) market too with the sweets deco presentation.

I’ve been sketching some postcards and prints to tie in with the sweets. So far, the only finished postcard is the one on the left, for my seasonal spring range which I am very excited about, and will post photos of soon! And it was a good excuse to draw The Nightingale again, although with his new blue do.

Despite all the nerves and the rambling, I am excited about tomorrow’s market. It’s part of a writer’s convention, which is different to some of the more recent markets I’ve been to. I’m looking forward to it. At most of my recent markets I’ve spent most of my time being a salesperson and very little time drawing. I’m hoping that tomorrow, in between the sales, I’ll find some people willing to trade me their words for my drawings, storytellers who will introduce me to new characters.

I’m looking forward to it.