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Monday night life drawing (05/06 double post)

Catching up on two weeks’ worth of Monday night life drawing! (Despite the length of time since I posted the last one – I missed one Monday, and it was a public holiday on another!)

Here’s a quick study from 05/31 that I was happy with:

Perhaps more excitingly, the teacher decided I’d been progressing quickly enough to start working with oil paints. Yay! We’d been talking about it for a couple of weeks, but that session he brought in another sheet of black board and started showing me how to use the paints :3

My first oil painting! I haven’t used oils before, so I was a bit surprised to see you could push them across the canvas, like paint. Very much a learning experience, and a lot of fun 🙂

As for this week’s lesson:

I like drawing models with different body shapes, of different ages – it’s interesting seeing how different things affect the human body.

Soon I hear we’ll get to draw a male model too 😀

Our lief drawing sessions are structured so that you do a series of quick warmups (three to ten minutes), and then the model settles into a ten minute pose (the setup pose) that will be repeated for the hour session.

I found the foreshortening for this week’s hour pose a little tricky. At the bottom of that image are two quick studies done during setup time – about five minutes each. I saw basic mistakes I made with the first one, refined it, and did the second one to get a better idea of how it should look.

The image at the top WAS going to be the hour study, but I cut it off after fifteen minutes because it just wasn’t working, and it would have been easier to start again.

Sometimes, doing things like that pays off.

After day

we're alright where we're supposed to be

It’s done! for now. Until I decide to do more stuff with it. But for now it is done. I didn’t count how long this took. I significantly changed the structure a couple of times, and some of the lighting changed from the original plan.

Looking forward to doing more proper painting studies.