Ratty makes the best drag race babe

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014! Here’s to a happier, more successful year ahead.

Despite all my hopes and wishes about the beautiful year of the snake, 2013 was not a good year for me. In return, I plan to attack 2014 with a vengeance. I had a nice holiday break where I managed to get a bunch of writing done – definitely looking forward to announcing the new projects from those, including an art project bigger than anything I’ve done before.

I’m planning to start 2014 with a bang.

I will be announcing a new comic at the end of this week. I’ve also snagged myself a spot at the Canberra Zine Fair, sharing a table with one of my favourite writers.

I had also planned to bilingualise all my posts this year, but the excellent language plugin I use, qTranslate Editor, isn’t quite ready for this version of WordPress yet…

Ratty makes the best drag race babe
Preview from Sweet NV 2 – to new beginnings!


And perhaps more wombats.


Baby Wombats - art by SpAE
Baby Wombats: digging class

Definitely more wombats.