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Half hour speedpaint - by spæ 2011

I can so speedpaint – half hour sketch challenge, no ref. I would like to go back and push her features back a bit more, and maybe fill in the muscles on the highlighted side of her neck a bit more (she’s got more there! I just thought it would be a better idea to leave them out! and maybe fill in under her brow a little bit.


FANART: Harley Quinn (Batman), Mad Love
FANART: Harley Quinn (Batman), Mad Love

Also some fanart! Playing on the idea of Harley Quinn’s face/body paint, and the little strip of skin geisha leave showing. Was thinking of Mad Love specifically when I sketched this.


speedpainting practice – 20110808

Here is a post full of things I like.

speedpaint, 20110808
one hour speedpaint, 20110808

Speedpaint practice! I am on something of a practice kick at the moment. I have been drawing a lot lately…and I like it.

Like the last speedpaint, this one was eyeballed from a photo reference. Also like the last speedpaint, I made up the colours on the go, referring again to a colour tutorial to try and work on my colour theory and eyeballing skills on my own. This one took about an hour and a half all up.

Also, have a cute. Thank you, shifu and sempai!
Also, have a cute.