Blooming spring

Good morning, Mumu
Sweet NV – AMG#2

I’ll be at the Gorman House Markets this Saturday as part of the Canberra Zine Emporium’s Zine Fayre, which itself is part of the Bloom Festival. I’ll be in the East Courtyard, hopefully within eyelash batting distance of the ACT Comic Group! I’ll be bringing books, prints, some original pieces (You WILL be able to pick up these framed originals without worrying about shipping!) and my sketchbook for making more new original arts on the spot on request. As always, I have a rather fragile attention span at conventions and markets so please come keep me company and pick up some art.

While I won’t have Sweet NV2 ready for Bloom, please enjoy this preview from NV2! It’s a continuation of the magical-godmother-cheerful-rat story from NV1. And if that’s peaked your interest, perhaps you should check out NV1! There’s something about paper books that I will love forever, but worry not if you don’t have the bookshelf space (and I sympathise, I ran out a long time ago…) – I’m looking at making a downloadable version of the books. Oh yes…


See you there!

Bad but good

Tumblr is down for maintenance! Where shall I post my works in progress and other pinups?

Oh wait.

Hello, hello, hello

A quick late night sketch that I finally got around to tidying up a little and toning. The two protagonists of Sweet, picture inspired by some of the costumes in Miss A’s Bad Girl, Good Girl. Asian music videos seem to have the most fun with costumes and sets! I was lucky enough to see the song performed live at last year’s Kpop Music Festival. It was hard to see much in the cheap seats, but Miss A were super friendly and taught the audience the dance steps for this song. 😀