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Speed challenge: Character concept design in an hour

I recently attended the Melbourne Concept Design Workshop. Much, much love and a great brain-opening experience, but I’ll not gush about it in this post.

On one of the last days, one of our teachers ran a concept challenge for the class: create a character for a game and according to a brief, in what was supposed to be an hour but probably ran a little bit over.

So I tried my hand at applying everything I’d learned over the workshop, and here’s the result.

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Conference promotion: character concepts

So here’s one of the things I’ve been working on lately

I was asked to concept and develop some characters for some state educational conferences this year.

The client gave me the description of the conferences and their focus, and suggested a visual style then gave me free rein to explore. We picked these four designs from a series of concepts I did.

The best part about working on these was seeing how far I’d come since the last time I’d worked with this client.  There’s a certain joy to taking something from a concept, developing it, noticing – and understanding, and fixing – mistakes and preparing a final dynamic piece.