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EVENT: ACA Exhibition at Top Ryde City

Hello Sydney-siders and people visiting Sydney from late August to early September!

I’ll be exhibiting at the Australian Cartoonists’ Association Exhibition at Top Ryde City from 24 August  to 7 September. I’ll be exhibiting GUILT, IFRIT and some pages from Sweet-NV iss 1.

Unfortunately I can’t confirm when I’ll personally be at the event. But my art will be there the whole time. As well as the illustrations and comics of many other incredibly talented people. Have a look!


In the mean time, life has been finding other ways to keep me busy. I’ve managed to scrape aside a little time for projects, but I’ve been keeping busy with doing a few five minute colour studies every day. Here’s some of the latest:

Digital, 2013. Each timed to 5 minutes
Digital, 2013. Each timed to 5 minutes
Digital, 2013. Each timed to 5 minutes.
Digital, 2013. Each timed to 5 minutes.

These are kind of the 2013 version of the Monday Night Lifedrawing sessions I used to do, only with a completely different focus! All of these images are referenced, and all timed to 5 minutes. At the moment I’m focusing on colour and value, but I really need to get mood working too.

For regular updates of the 5 minute studies, check my sketchblog.


So I’m going to Supanova! I’ll be there on the Sunday only, sitting with Y-labs/Room 801 at C4.


Seriously this weekend cannot not be awesome.

Here’s where to find me (click the teensy map to see a bigger version)
Where's SpAE at Supanova Sydney 2013

I will be bringing the last of the Sweet comics (I think I’m almost out of issue 1!!), some prints, badges, ACEOs and and and and

Cover of Sweet NV
Sweet NV

…new book!!!!

I’m plotting out some kinks with Sweet. I’ve always written Sweet mainly for the characters, but the main story of Sweet is its own self contained thing that unfortunately doesn’t let me explore all the fun and whimsy about these characters. NV is a compilation of short stories specifically about the characters, and a kind of brainstorming ground for me.

There’s 3 short stories in the first issue of NV: muscle, Adventures in Magical Godmothery and chatter.

I will also be taking commissions on the day, and for the next two weeks – offering another Painted Portrait for $50 to the first person who asks for one, and inked pinups.

Given this is my first outing for myself at a con this size, I am determined to behave myself and stand behind my table as much of the day as humanly possible. Please come by to say hi and have a look at my new arts and ask me to draw things for you!