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The Ifrit

The Ifrit Digital, 2013
The Ifrit
Digital, 2013

This started off as a loose sketch of an idea, and turned into a painting.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been busy painting and preparing for shows and exhibitions. I recently went to the Liedekijn exhibition launch, and there was something very exciting about receiving the catalogue and seeing my work on display (and in such fine company!)

Next week, I’ll be in The Young Ones exhibition in Canberra, showing off Miasma and another piece. While Liedekijn is (soon to be was 🙁 ) a fantastic sequential exhibition that pulled together many different pieces into a collaborative comic, The Young Ones promotes Canberra artists under age 25…a club I’m soon to graduate from, but it’s nice to get a piece in while I’m still eligible. 😉

LIEDEKIJN: Alone in the Woods

Alone in the woods with a murderous spirit, she begins to realise that she wants to live.
Alone in the woods with a murderous spirit, she begins to realise that she wants to live. Digital, 2013. 

I’ve finally finished the painting!

This painting will be featured in the upcoming LIEDEKIJN exhibition at The Front Cafe, Canberra. The exhibition will be running from March to April and I hope to see you there.

Please contact me if you are interested in getting prints of this image. I will also be selling the large print at the exhibition.

I’ve been busy, plotting for an exhibition o/~

All the excitement since the last post included

A superheroine in a super comic. Digital, 2012. Writer: Ryan K. Lindsay

…the opportunity to work on a fantastic project with a top writer, combining so many things that I love…

Speedy portraits of some lucky friends and their children. Digital, 2012

…several portrait studies…

Experiments in scifi-esque landscapes
Experiments in scifi-esque landscapes. Digital 2012.

…studies, stuff and nonsense and

Work in progress shot of my illustration for the LIEDEKIJN exhibition. Digital, 2012.
Work in progress shot of my illustration for the LIEDEKIJN exhibition. Digital, 2012.

Continued progress on my illustration for the upcoming and fantastic Liedekijn exhibition in Canberra, 2013. I was lucky enough to get the scene where the heroine is slowly breaking out of the murderer’s romantic spell.

Some explanation: Liedekijn is a sequential exhibition telling the story of the murderous spirit Heer Halewijn and the adventurous maiden Machteld. Each artist involved in the project illustrates a different page from the story, and by our powers combined the illustrations all come together to tell one glorious story. It’s a collaborative work of art featuring some amazing artists and managed by the same wonderful ringleader of last year’s Beginnings anthology project (and featuring her lovely watercolours!), so it’s good. 🙂

If you aren’t able to come see the exhibition in person next year, you can always buy a copy of the artbook. And until the end of December 2012, you can pre-order the artbook for the extremely worthy price of $10. (If you’re holding out til 2013 to make sure that $10 won’t be lost to any world-ending disasters, not to worry – throughout Jan 2013 you can still pre-order the artbook for $12, but after that you’ll have to test your luck at the exhibition itself, or hold out for the slim possibility of post-exhibition leftovers!)



Thanks for your support. Here’s to another year, better than the last!


I think I’ve proven with previous posts that I can’t leave well enough alone. This is a strength when I’m fiddling by addressing the weaknesses of a painting, not so much when I’m fiddling for the sake of fiddling.

What started out as what should have been a rushed painting with quick, loose strokes left to the viewer to complete turned into something more, something a little more detailed and still pretty minimalistic. I was pleased enough with that.

Then Squidgey poked and prodded it. Start by showing the environment reacting to the character, show the reflections of the light a little more. Simple things that I should have known, and didn’t do. So I added, here and there. Then I found a couple of places to tweak the composition, to not just present a flat image but apply what I’d learned from deconstructing other pictures, and try to make this painting a little more 3d, give the viewer a better sense of direction, lead the eye. Add a few more things here, fix how this looks there, pull it all together a little more cohesively and…

Well, this one was worth the fiddle 😀