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Wombat kindergarten: swim class

Wombat kindergarten: swimming class
Wombat kindergarten: swimming class

It’s summer where I am in the Southern Hemisphere at the moment, and what a summer it is. When you live far away from the beach, a good alternative is a wading pool with ice blocks thrown in for good measure…   **** Digital shop ♥ ||Prints/hardcopy comics shop ♥ Latest downloadable comics:

Clear skies ahead

SKY - Digital piece by SpAE, 2013.
Digital, 2013.

The CCAS members exhibition came down on the weekend. So from now to the end of the year, it’s time to catch up on some other projects. I’m on the home stretch of NV2, in the middle of designs for an issue of another series, and doing a little more writing on my own. Today’s quick warm up sketch comes from admiring just how silver the clouds have been lately.

At the exhibition opening last last week, I overheard some people talking about my painting. The most interesting group, and the group who spent the longest looking at it during the time I was there, were gesturing and chatting very excitedly, though unfortunately in a language I don’t understand (yet). And then one of them went right up to the picture and pointed at one of the people turning into ice cream and there was a big “a-ha!” moment in the group. It was kind of thrilling to watch people get right up close and connecting with my art.

I’ve never been so proud of my own work.


Comics I'm working on
this is what’s keeping me busy right now. The best part about posting these screenshots of my comic progress is seeing all the pages filled out a few posts later!


For something like the first time this year, my excellent writers have left me to amuse myself and I don’t have any major projects or shows due for the next month. Whew!! Right now I’m using this downtime to work on Sweet NV2 and redesign some aspects of Sweet to make it the comic I want to tell now. Sweet started as a series of vignettes with characters, a role that Sweet NV has well and truly taken over for me. I still have a story I want to tell with Sweet, but it has changed a little as I’ve grown older and developed a different view of the world. So, back to the writing stage for me. And Sweet NV to both explore the world and blow off steam as I do it. And another little project that I really want to share soon…

Right now writing feels like the preliminary sketch before a painting: a crucial and often fun part that will really help me in the long term, but initially daunting and even a little frustrating as I try to make sure everything fits just perfect before colouring in. I know I’ll have some ridiculously proud moments down the track when everything is in its place, but that moment feels so far away!

Yuko Ogura quick study
Referenced sketch of Yuko Ogura.
In future: beware stray sketch lines that may look like a beard.


In other news, I’ve temporarily taken down my Storenvy shop while I re-check what I have, and get a few admin things fixed up. But I plan to re-open it early next week, with a bonus giveaway! Stay tuned…

Almost forgotten paintings from 2012

For tonight, two illustrations I kind of forgot about for a minute:

Quick sketch, featuring artistic input by AusTerror.

Present for an absolutely awesome family 🙂 This was the last pushed painting I did, and it was a lot of fun: keeping things reasonably smooth and finished looking, having a fairly clear idea from the get-go of what I was trying to do and fixing little things along the way.

the Missing April Megapost

April was a kind of busy month for me. But I did manage to get in some practice doing things I’m just not used to, and start focusing a little more on working from imagination.

So let’s play catch-up in one mega, mostly chronological post:


A speedpaint done exploring some new things I’d learned about lighting. Done with less reference than I had recently been using.


As you might have noticed from the blog, I don’t tend to draw animals often. So it’s a bit of gloating, but for my first time drawing cockatoos (piecing these guys together from reference and imagination), I’m fairly pleased with this one.

The background was not such a success though 😛

This one was inspired by my own personal Easter weekend alarm clock. Thanks, guys.


I’ve always been a bit nervous about exaggerated caricature – it feels a little like the extremely skilled but at least moderately evil twin of portraiture. One very cool cartoonist on Twitter suggested these were more cartoony portraits, which I’m a little more comfortable with.

Although I really do want to crawl up on character #1’s cheeks and fall asleep. *_*


Practice with environments, something I very much need. Neither from reference.


A bit closer to my painting roots after a bit of a mad week – simple, four tone painting (not including eyes, background or clothing), form and lighting from reference. Lately I’ve noticed that I seem to be able to crack out of a tough art time more quickly when I’m painting my favourite muse…funny that.


And to cap off mega-post, a quick speedpaint.



Goodnight, everybody!