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Speedpaint – March 26 2012

Speedpaint, referenced from a photo
Speedpaint, referenced from a photo


I have a livestream channel, and last night I livestreamed a sketch! (You can watch it here)

Which sounds a bit dirty but in truth, all I did was record a video of me drawing.

Referenced from a photo. My big challenge with this was that I tried to limit it to four values only.

Me being me and nitpicky, I also edited the picture a little bit more after the video stopped and I thought I was done with it. :B As a likeness, I can think of a few things that could definitely use improvement. Otherwise, it turned out okay 🙂

february 29 2012

happy belated February 29!

Quick paint. Quicker to do than the previous Pirate Princess piece, but much tighter and fewer messy impressionist-y strokes. Happier with this one, feels like I’m properly getting back in the painting saddle. Picked colours pretty much the same way I picked for the Princess piece, and most of my other paintings, but everything seems to have come together much more nicely in this one…perhaps I am learning, after all!

flowers and fruit

gifts from Stealth <3
gifts from Stealth <3

November’s barely started, and it feels like it’s ticking along already! What happened to October!?

November is a busy busy month. Besides my final assignment for school, I’m currently working on my piece for The Thing That Should Not Be issue 4 and a couple of other pieces competing for attention in my head. Watching the other guys work up their pieces for Thingy is both awesome and envy-inspiring!