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Mid-November update

I thought things would start to quiet down by the end of the year but…not so much, really. I’ve had a non-stop busy 2013, both in art exhibitions and markets, and back in the sometimes extremely unpleasant real world. I am a little proud to look at the list of events I’ve been or involved in to so far, but can’t say I’ll be sad to see the end of this year. There’s even something on tomorrow night! For those of you in Canberra tomorrow and looking for art to appreciate on a Friday night, stop by Gorman House for the CCAS Members show (and check out my piece!).

At any rate, I’m grateful for the good things and hope to see you at a few more shows in 2014.

Meanwhile, in those precious moments of downtime I’ve had, here’s something else I’ve been working on:

Preview page of Sweet NV2 Digital, 2013
Preview page of Sweet NV2
Digital, 2013


The first page for the first story of Sweet NV2! It’s a direct continuation of the fairy godmother story from NV1, which you can get in my online store. I’m reluctant to upload any more pages just yet – I want to show everyone the finished comic in one hit! NV2 is a new and strange thing to me, as the normally shy and retiring Mumu’s turning out to be the main character of the entire book. I suppose that’s appropriate as NV is a bit of a break for me from other comics and projects to rant and explore ideas I don’t normally get to try with these characters. Between other projects, NV has also been the easiest for me to get to do without feeling guilty about neglecting it for stretches at a time. The longest story in the collection so far is a whopping 12 pages, and some of the shorter stories seem to jump ready-made from my brain to the pen. It’s a nice change from some of my other writing, which feels like stumbling to a pen or keyboard and cutting my arm off until it stops bleeding blood and starts gushing rainbows of coherent story…but that’s a story for another day.


Comics I'm working on
this is what’s keeping me busy right now. The best part about posting these screenshots of my comic progress is seeing all the pages filled out a few posts later!


For something like the first time this year, my excellent writers have left me to amuse myself and I don’t have any major projects or shows due for the next month. Whew!! Right now I’m using this downtime to work on Sweet NV2 and redesign some aspects of Sweet to make it the comic I want to tell now. Sweet started as a series of vignettes with characters, a role that Sweet NV has well and truly taken over for me. I still have a story I want to tell with Sweet, but it has changed a little as I’ve grown older and developed a different view of the world. So, back to the writing stage for me. And Sweet NV to both explore the world and blow off steam as I do it. And another little project that I really want to share soon…

Right now writing feels like the preliminary sketch before a painting: a crucial and often fun part that will really help me in the long term, but initially daunting and even a little frustrating as I try to make sure everything fits just perfect before colouring in. I know I’ll have some ridiculously proud moments down the track when everything is in its place, but that moment feels so far away!

Yuko Ogura quick study
Referenced sketch of Yuko Ogura.
In future: beware stray sketch lines that may look like a beard.


In other news, I’ve temporarily taken down my Storenvy shop while I re-check what I have, and get a few admin things fixed up. But I plan to re-open it early next week, with a bonus giveaway! Stay tuned…

Blooming spring

Good morning, Mumu
Sweet NV – AMG#2

I’ll be at the Gorman House Markets this Saturday as part of the Canberra Zine Emporium’s Zine Fayre, which itself is part of the Bloom Festival. I’ll be in the East Courtyard, hopefully within eyelash batting distance of the ACT Comic Group! I’ll be bringing books, prints, some original pieces (You WILL be able to pick up these framed originals without worrying about shipping!) and my sketchbook for making more new original arts on the spot on request. As always, I have a rather fragile attention span at conventions and markets so please come keep me company and pick up some art.

While I won’t have Sweet NV2 ready for Bloom, please enjoy this preview from NV2! It’s a continuation of the magical-godmother-cheerful-rat story from NV1. And if that’s peaked your interest, perhaps you should check out NV1! There’s something about paper books that I will love forever, but worry not if you don’t have the bookshelf space (and I sympathise, I ran out a long time ago…) – I’m looking at making a downloadable version of the books. Oh yes…


See you there!


So I’m going to Supanova! I’ll be there on the Sunday only, sitting with Y-labs/Room 801 at C4.


Seriously this weekend cannot not be awesome.

Here’s where to find me (click the teensy map to see a bigger version)
Where's SpAE at Supanova Sydney 2013

I will be bringing the last of the Sweet comics (I think I’m almost out of issue 1!!), some prints, badges, ACEOs and and and and

Cover of Sweet NV
Sweet NV

…new book!!!!

I’m plotting out some kinks with Sweet. I’ve always written Sweet mainly for the characters, but the main story of Sweet is its own self contained thing that unfortunately doesn’t let me explore all the fun and whimsy about these characters. NV is a compilation of short stories specifically about the characters, and a kind of brainstorming ground for me.

There’s 3 short stories in the first issue of NV: muscle, Adventures in Magical Godmothery and chatter.

I will also be taking commissions on the day, and for the next two weeks – offering another Painted Portrait for $50 to the first person who asks for one, and inked pinups.

Given this is my first outing for myself at a con this size, I am determined to behave myself and stand behind my table as much of the day as humanly possible. Please come by to say hi and have a look at my new arts and ask me to draw things for you!

Bad but good

Tumblr is down for maintenance! Where shall I post my works in progress and other pinups?

Oh wait.

Hello, hello, hello

A quick late night sketch that I finally got around to tidying up a little and toning. The two protagonists of Sweet, picture inspired by some of the costumes in Miss A’s Bad Girl, Good Girl. Asian music videos seem to have the most fun with costumes and sets! I was lucky enough to see the song performed live at last year’s Kpop Music Festival. It was hard to see much in the cheap seats, but Miss A were super friendly and taught the audience the dance steps for this song. 😀