Thank you Brisbane!

This post has been a while coming…but now it’s here! Had a great time at Brisbane Minicomicon. In fact, even with the convention on it was a – dare I say it? – relaxing weekend. Southbank is beautiful and a great date spot. (And a great place to hang out and check out museums!)

Behind my table at Minicomicon 2015. Photo by Callan O'Donohoe
It  was a little hard and too dark to take photos of my table at Minicomicon…and busy! This is a photo from behind my table, before the convention started. Photo by Callan O’Donohoe

The thing I’m still the most thrilled about was meeting people who were excited about comics, and happy to chat about them. And there were so many of you! Thank you all for coming by my table and picking things up to look at them, buying something or just stopping by to chat. For those of you who missed anything, I’ll be updating my online store (…soon…) with some of the remaining stock of…everything.

At the moment my convention calendar is looking pretty bare for the rest of the year. I want to take some time to focus on making comics, particularly my own comics. I’ve had a great run of luck working on many fun projects with extremely talented people – but I’m looking to do some of my own work for a little bit. I miss being able to print books as soon as they’re ready! I’m finding that I really enjoy marketing at the moment, so if you do have an event you think I should be at, please let me know!

And now, back to work…