Brain, blossom! CG, 2013.

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Hello, world.

Hi, I’m SpÆ. That rhymes with “play”. Or “where”, sort of, if you’re feeling Old Norsey.Brain, blossom! CG, 2013. By day I’m an OL in a shiny office building. But by night I costume up and train my powers of making comics and illustration. (As yet I have not used these superpowers to fight crime, but it’s better to be prepared.) I love languages, and studied a bunch of them back many moons ago. I can still understand you if you speak English, 中文 or 日本語。 I draw comics and non-sequential things. You can even get some of my work here. I have dabbled a little in 3d art and animation. I am an aspiring concept artist, an indie comics artist and a general fan of beautiful things. I use this site as a record of my progress as an artist, and would like to share it with all of you. Currently, I live in the ACT, Australia. I quite like it here. It’s calm, close to events, and we have the best Kung Fu club. Now please tell me about you.

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