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Busy January

Air dry clay work - sweets in progress for Valentine's day!
Air dry clay work – sweets and parts in progress for Valentine’s day!

Hello 2015! I’m not going to even try excusing myself for not having an earlier New Year post ;;; But I hope we have a great year ahead.

I can now confirm that I’ll be at Minicomicon in Brisbane on the 28 February! I’m planning to have at least one new comic with me…follow me on twitter or tumblr to watch the comic as-I-make-it!

The Crone (WIP) Digital illustration, 2015
Hopefully I’ll be bringing this along!

EVENT: Otakufest

It’s almost time for the next market! I’m a little bit nervous because it’s been so long since I did an outdoor market, but I think I’m prepared now. Sort of. We’ll see – experience is the best teacher, right?

I’ll be at Otakufest tomorrow in Garema Place from 10 – 4.

I’ve updated some of my sweets deco stock and packaging, which I’m very excited about! Once I get my stuff together and take some photos, I hope to put some of the sweets online for sale. And then it’ll be time for me to bunker down again on a few other projects.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Apple of my eye
Apple of my eye
CG 2014

Recent comics in June

New anthology: EXPOSURE

I think I forgot to mention this earlier, but there’s a new anthology published – with my work in it! I have a two page comic, Talkback, in the Exposure anthology published by the ACT Comic Meet. You can get your copy of the whole anthology here.

Talkback is a short story about language exposure, featuring two very pretty men.
Talkback is a short story about language exposure, featuring two very pretty men.

The 24 Hour Comic Challenge

The Recap

This weekend, I also completed the 24 Hour Comic Challenge. It’s been a few years since I last did the challenge. I hadn’t intended to break that streak, but I gave in to some peer pressure from some other excellent friends also doing the challenge. Continue reading Recent comics in June

Returning to old things

20140605 Sweets Deco
Air-dry clay (Hearty) Macaron, chocolate coronet and other experiments in deco chocolate whip

This week I went back to doing some (good!) old things. I started drawing ACEOs again, after a long stint of irregularly drawing them. I’m trying my hand at miniature food again, after about five years of break! And, with the help of some peer pressure from some of my favourite creator friends, it looks like I’ll also be doing the 24 hour challenge this weekend. For as long as I can remember, the various good and organised people who run the 24 hour challenge in Australia have always done so on the Queen’s birthday long weekend. I think the last time I entered was some five years ago in a joint entry with Mark, at a point where I was getting more disappointed with myself and my making comics and rushing things out that I didn’t like for the challenge, for the sake of it. It was, for me, an exercise where I turned out nonsense but that was okay because I still had a new book’s worth of nonsense. In more recent years, I’ve skipped the challenge mainly because I was doing enough comic or illustration work at the time as is, and probably having more fun illustrating for others than coming up with my own stories. This year, I’ll be doing the 24 Hour Challenge again. I don’t know how many pages I’ll attempt to do but I’ll do my best! Who knows, perhaps next I’ll go back to writing >:|

New stock in the shops

New stock up in the shops! Did you miss me at recent conventions? Are you soon going to a convention or market that I won’t be going to, but sighing as you wish you could see my stock live?

Welp, next best thing.

Digital comics

Yes | No

You may have remember the call out  and the many following posts of beautiful artwork from this zine. With the help of some fantastic local artists, the books were a great success 😀 The digital version is now up for pay-what-you-want on gumroad.

The current PDF available for download is the APRIL 2014 version, which collates both of the hardcopy versions we sold at the CZE Canberra Zine Fair 2014. For this season, all proceeds made from the online version will go to the Domestic Crisis Violence Service ACT ( However, if you know of a charity that you think deserves our support, please email me to let me know!

Print and paper comics

Sweet NV issue 2

My other baby for the moment, the second issue of Sweet. I’m selling the leftover stock from the Canberra Zine Fair in March. This one is extra special to me – I printed the comic on some beautiful and thin B5 paper and it feels extra special to touch. Unfortunately the printing process was also a nightmare (mainly because of my printer, grr!) and so the next time I print this will probably be on standard 75 gsm A4 trimmed to B5.