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Upcoming event: ZINE FAIR

Oh wow, a second zine fair?! THIS YEAR? ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶ I’m so spoiled!  I’m lucky to have been involved in so many fun zine and comics things – to the point where I’ve turned things down because I’ve been generally unavailable. :<

This Zine Fair is part of the exciting sounding zineSTARS exhibition, which I look forward to checking out on Saturday.


23 August (Saturday), 11am – 3pm
Tuggeranong Arts Centre (137 Reed Street, Greenway)

But the recent wave of sick plus as yet unreleased and occasionally secret collaborative comics means that most of my new stock looks like this

some fake sweets, freshly glazing
some fake sweets, freshly glazing

….new hobby aside, I will have stock of Sweet NV1 & 2, FeelgoodBoldly, Sweetie (which you can also purchase from the Zine Vending Machine, which will be there!), The Thing That Should Not Be.

And if you catch me in the right moment, you might even sneak a glimpse of the monster project that is currently taking over my life. That is not also sweets.

July silence

I haven’t posted much recently. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been silently and ferociously busy over many projects soon to come to beautiful, published fruition (and this is about 40% true)…

a shot of my progress with the Big Project I'm writing at the moment
My adventures as a writer, or most of the rest of that other 60%…
This is the most coherent thing I've drawn in a week :|
This is the most coherent thing I’ve drawn in a week 😐

…but for almost the entire last month, it’s simply been me being sick and blowing all my energy on either trying to be not-sick or less-sick.

I haven’t been spending much time awake or at a computer. I have, however, discovered new levels of grumpy I previously didn’t know I was capable of.

Miniature strawberry parfait, air dry clay.
Miniature strawberry parfait, air dry clay. Also, evident addiction to LINE camera.

So in the meantime, here’s a picture of my other hobby, making miniature sweets out of clay.