The Magpie Bridge

The Magpie Bridge Digital, 2013
The Magpie Bridge
Digital, 2013

Over the weekend, I completed Nathan Fowkes’ Designing with Color and Light course at Schoolism. (Mini review: it was fantastic and I would absolutely do it again – the big thing I’d do differently is save up for the full feedback version, rather than the self-taught!) This is one of the portfolio pieces I completed, working from a value study, through about fifteen different colour iterations and finally to this. One of the best parts was ploughing through the Hubble Telescope space image archive and admiring some beautiful photos of stars and galaxies.

LIEDEKIJN: Alone in the Woods

Alone in the woods with a murderous spirit, she begins to realise that she wants to live.
森の幽霊しかと一緒にいないと、存命を守りたいことに気がついた… CG2013





After day

we're alright where we're supposed to be

It’s done! for now. Until I decide to do more stuff with it. But for now it is done. I didn’t count how long this took. I significantly changed the structure a couple of times, and some of the lighting changed from the original plan.

Looking forward to doing more proper painting studies.