Recent comics in June

New anthology: EXPOSURE

I think I forgot to mention this earlier, but there’s a new anthology published – with my work in it! I have a two page comic, Talkback, in the Exposure anthology published by the ACT Comic Meet. You can get your copy of the whole anthology here.

Talkback is a short story about language exposure, featuring two very pretty men.
Talkback is a short story about language exposure, featuring two very pretty men.

The 24 Hour Comic Challenge

The Recap

This weekend, I also completed the 24 Hour Comic Challenge. It’s been a few years since I last did the challenge. I hadn’t intended to break that streak, but I gave in to some peer pressure from some other excellent friends also doing the challenge. 続きを読む Recent comics in June

June is for concepts and livestreaming

This month will be full of writing, planning and concept work!

Here’s a quick environment painting from imagination. Restricted myself to four tones for use throughout the image. Don’t think I quite got it, so I’ve set up a palette for my next black and white environment sketch that allows for three tones within three separate planes (nine tones total. Nine! I’ll be thoroughly spoilt.)

Also, here’s what that concept work looks like. I’m leaving this character’s weapon mutable, and I’ve left out some of the studies I did to get her to that broad silhouette. Readers of The Thing That Should Not Be might recognise this character…

And here’s a not terribly quick speedpaint. I referenced a shot of BigBang’s Daesung from the Monster music video.

I used to be a reluctant k-pop fan, and then I saw how awesome YG music videos were :B

Technical painting talk: Restricted myself to four tones for the initial value painting, then allowed to play a little bit more once I started laying down the colours. Also the first time I’ve worked from a gamut, which was very exciting! Overall painting took maybe two hours. I need to get back into painting more quickly and more often! I’ve livestreamed most of this painting, which you can find at my livestream channel here. Warning for length, this one clocks in at an hour and a half. I hope to do another livestream soon! 🙂

Sweet 3 – published! Con season – over!

At least, for another year! And at long last, here it is – the third and complete issue of Sweet.

SWEET - issue 3 cover
SWEET - issue 3 cover

There’s two versions of the comic floating around – this cover, and a special edition pink cover. This one debuted at SMASH on Saturday – con report coming soon. Sitting with the Thingy guys at SMASH was fun. I have since re-discovered that I really need to work on giving good interviews though – both Mark and I were interviewed by two different sources about our work. Both of us shy types are appropriately shy to share said interviews.

And now that con season is over it’s time for me to get into the next round of comics!