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Just a cup o’ Joe…

Here’s a preview of what I’ve been working on this week…

Cold Coffee © Rik Lagarto & SpÆ

This’ll be part of the magnificent Beginnings Anthology, a locally produced anthology edited by some lovely people.

This comic was a bit of a change – for one, it’s the first I’ve drawn in a while that was written by someone else! In a lot of ways it pushed me to do new and sometimes terrifying things as well. (For one thing, I’ve never worked on a horror piece before!) Thanks to Rik Lagarto for the script.

Sweet 3 – published! Con season – over!

At least, for another year! And at long last, here it is – the third and complete issue of Sweet.

SWEET - issue 3 cover
SWEET - issue 3 cover

There’s two versions of the comic floating around – this cover, and a special edition pink cover. This one debuted at SMASH on Saturday – con report coming soon. Sitting with the Thingy guys at SMASH was fun. I have since re-discovered that I really need to work on giving good interviews though – both Mark and I were interviewed by two different sources about our work. Both of us shy types are appropriately shy to share said interviews.

And now that con season is over it’s time for me to get into the next round of comics!

2011, one week in

Preview for something I Should Not Be showing you

Last year I started making New Years’ Resolutions. While I passed one with flying colours (I completed 5 minicomics, instead of the 4 I set myself), I failed the other horribly (one painting a month turned into one very long creative dry spell and a sudden gush of painting at the end of the year).

So this year, I’m making more.

続きを読む 2011, one week in