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SYDNEY SUPANOVA SPECIAL – pre-Con Commissions!

I’m going to SUPANOVA Sydney! I’ll be trading on the Sunday 🙂

The fun and prep for Sydnova begins now, and you can get in on it! The fun side, rather than the prep side.

It’s my first time going to Supanova to try and really promote myself instead of clinging onto wonderful friends like a security blanket. (I will still be clinging on to other wonderful friends like a security blanket, but sadly we don’t have anything published together, and that makes all the difference here.) So to deal with my nerves and make lots of new friends through art, I’m offering a special pre-Con commission deal!

You can now order commissions from me, to be picked up at Sydnova on the Sunday only OR in Canberra at some time agreeable to both of us. These images will all be one-of-a-kind, at your request specials just for you and without eraser markings.

What you’ll get

  • Deal number 1: Toned black and white comic pinups (3 SLOTS ONLY)

Want a black and white commission of your very own on the cheap?

the RobogirlMASQ - illustration by SpAE

Preview panel from The Day I Destroyed The World
Preview panel from The Day I Destroyed The World

Your own full page black and white comic pinup, for $30!

I WILL add tones and patterns, so please specify if you want black and white solid work only or prepare for tones.

These pictures will be abstract/no background only. Pretty much anything you see above is fair game for your own request.

Alternatively, if you want something just a little bit more special…

  • Deal number 2: Digital paintings (2 SLOTS ONLY)

SpAE's SydNova SPECIAL - pre-Con Commissions!
SpAE’s SydNova SPECIAL – pre-Con Commissions!

Colour and Lighting: mood study

Special mates rates deal – for $50, you will get your very own digital painting of whatever you desire should we both choose to accept!

You’ll get either a character image with an abstract colour-themed background much like the character portrait above, OR you can request a simple scenery painting, like the beds.

I likely won’t do full body paintings, but anything like what’s above is fair game. Mami’s head shot (the blonde girl with the hat) is probably the best indicator of what you’ll be getting should you request a portrait.


There are some things that you may want to consider before you give me your monies and I give you some art –

  • The commissions are for personal use only. You’re welcome to include them in your own books, frame them on your wall, give it as a gift or sell it to a friend. You are not to reproduce the original piece as stand-alone merchandise (so no selling bookmarks that are just the piece)
  • won’t draw hate propaganda. I’m also not great with drawing animals, so think carefully before you ask for that.
  • I have the right to refuse any commission.

will draw nudity, sexual acts and some gore. I’ll draw portraits. I’ll draw fanart. I’ll draw anything similar to what you see above.

All images will be printed out on nice 180gsm A4 photo paper and given to you at Sydnova. If you don’t live in Sydney but you absolutely want one of these deals, have a chat to me and we might be able to work something out.

I absolutely will send you works in progress shots of the illustration, and you will have the first sneaky glance at your finished commission. I will likely publish our glorious art-child in full, but not til after Supanova.

Please pay in full by Paypal or direct deposit within 2 business days of agreement. Between everything that’s going on, I won’t be able to begin work on your illustration before I receive the payment. I’ll only be taking commissions until 16 June by which date I’ll be busy having the pre-Con stressies instead.

Now that you know what you can get, please contact me to order your special pre-Con commission before June 16!


Alternatively, I’ve just opened my new store!

I sadly do not have a way to offer a special no-shipping deal for all Sydnova-visitors, but if you would like to purchase something and pick it up at the convention, please contact me and we’ll arrange it privately! Please set the subject to SydNova Shopping to get a 20% discount off the store price off any item. This deal is not available in the store itself, and you will need to place your order to me through email You will need to come visit my table at Sydnova in order to collect your item, payment on pickup only.