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Pfffft, so posting regularly was a habit that went out the window. Baby steps it is.

I have also had some issues with my email lately, so if you’ve sent me something and not heard back – please try emailing me again!

I recently had the good opportunity to illustrate for Oscar Wylee for their opening in my local shopping centre. It was an absolute blast meeting everyone and drawing for them, and I’ve posted some of my favourites to my instagram. It was my first digital live drawing session, and hopefully the first of many. The Oscar Wylee team were very well organised and accommodating, and an all round pleasure to work with.

Next month I’ll be at the Impact Comics Festival in Garema Place, Canberra. It’s been a while since I did a comic book just for me, but I’m steadily chugging out a comic at the moment. More news on that to come soon!

preview of the latest comic - coming soon to SpAE makes art
preview of my latest comic
Digital, 2017.

EVENT: Otakufest

It’s almost time for the next market! I’m a little bit nervous because it’s been so long since I did an outdoor market, but I think I’m prepared now. Sort of. We’ll see – experience is the best teacher, right?

I’ll be at Otakufest tomorrow in Garema Place from 10 – 4.

I’ve updated some of my sweets deco stock and packaging, which I’m very excited about! Once I get my stuff together and take some photos, I hope to put some of the sweets online for sale. And then it’ll be time for me to bunker down again on a few other projects.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Apple of my eye
Apple of my eye
CG 2014

Clear skies ahead

SKY - Digital piece by SpAE, 2013.
Digital, 2013.

The CCAS members exhibition came down on the weekend. So from now to the end of the year, it’s time to catch up on some other projects. I’m on the home stretch of NV2, in the middle of designs for an issue of another series, and doing a little more writing on my own. Today’s quick warm up sketch comes from admiring just how silver the clouds have been lately.

At the exhibition opening last last week, I overheard some people talking about my painting. The most interesting group, and the group who spent the longest looking at it during the time I was there, were gesturing and chatting very excitedly, though unfortunately in a language I don’t understand (yet). And then one of them went right up to the picture and pointed at one of the people turning into ice cream and there was a big “a-ha!” moment in the group. It was kind of thrilling to watch people get right up close and connecting with my art.

I’ve never been so proud of my own work.

The Year of the Snake!

Happy year of the Snake, 2013! Digital, 2013.
Happy year of the Snake, 2013! Digital, 2013.


Happy Lunar New Year!

This year is the year of the snake.

One of my coworkers asked me about the year of the snake. Many of the people I know seem to have a bad impression of the snake, which seems to come from the Christian association of the snake with the devil. I thought that was a little sad – while I’m not a huge fan of snakes myself, I wanted to show the cool mythological side of them. So for this year’s image, I drew on the creator story of Nüwa and the idea of the snake as a benevolent female deity.

Also my version wears a moon egg crown.

Happy year of the snake! I’ve got a much better feeling about this year than the last 😀