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Thank you ComicGong!

We’re back from ComicGong and it was great!

Sweets Galore for ComicGong! Photo by Callan O'Donohoe - https://500px.com/stealthelf
Sweets Galore for ComicGong! Here’s a collection of some of the sweets I took down. Photo by Callan O’Donohoe

ComicGong was my first big show in a while and I can’t speak highly enough of how well it was organised – it was like a bigger version of the also impressively run Goulburn Comic Con late last year (which I hope I hope I hope will be on again this year!)

I don’t have any photos or media from the event just yet, but there are already some very cool photos on the ComicGong facebook page. It was such a busy morning I forgot to take a photo of my table before the crowd poured in!

Now to get back to the comics making…

March Events wrap-up

It’s almost the end of the first quarter of the year and it’s been a pretty busy one for me! If January and February were the plan-comics and make-comics months, March was the month of get-out-there-and-show-comics…and strangely enough, it all did sort of come together in a make-comic order.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of my March 2014 –

Event 1. The Zine Lounge, the Museum

The MoAD Zine Lounge. Photo by and © Callan O'Donohoe 2014. Unfortunately edited by SpAE
The MoAD Zine Lounge. Photo by and © Callan O’Donohoe 2014, “helped” by SpAE

The Museum of Democracy recently converted a room to a Zine Lounge, and wanted to show it off with some artists in residence, as part of the ENLIGHTEN festival in Canberra. I was lucky enough to be one of those artists, and Nic Lawson and I spent a few hours making comics and talking to people about comics and zines. I got most of the ground work for my submission to the new ACT Comic Meet anthology, Exposure done over the course of the night too 🙂 Double victory!

2. The CZE Vending Machine Launch

I had a zine in the Canberra Zine Emporium Vending Machine, which launched in mid-March. I finally saw Boldly Sweetie off into the world – and I even gave a little speech to see her go. Had to give. That part was a bit of a surprise, but I think I’m getting better at public speaking!

Here’s more information on the Vending Machine, with a neat little video that includes Boldly Sweetie.

3. Canberra Zine Fair 2014

And finally to market, to market…

My table at the Canberra Zine Fair 2014
My table at the Canberra Zine Fair 2014

I realised how much of a busy year it had been when I counted FOUR never-taken-to-market-before new books on my half of the table, including YES | NO and Boldly Sweetie.

My event review is, in brief, up here. I spent most of my day behind a table and didn’t really get up to look around, which is a shame – there were a lot of beautiful and very professional looking books for display this year! It was a good day and free entry is always a massive bonus – particularly when combined with a decent turnout.

All of my new books will be up on the shop soon – in fact, you can already get a digital copy of Sweet NV 2 here!


And now that the madness of March is over, it’s back to making comics for me.

BLOOM Festival 2013: event review

Bloom Festival 2013. My neighbours, the other view from my spot at the Bloom Festival.
Bloom Festival 2013. My neighbours (Mr. Fire Hose Reel and Mr. Table Buddy), the other view from my spot at the Bloom Festival. Photo by SpAE

I was only at the Bloom Festival (and more specifically, the Canberra Zine Fayre) for a short time on Saturday, but it did remind me of how different an art and handmade market is to a pop culture convention. It was nice, and I got to meet and talk to some lovely people over the time I was there. It was especially fun meeting so many other artists and writers in one hit.

The event was organised by the Canberra Zine Emporium, and they were wonderful. I got there alone and was setting up my table when a  CZE volunteers came over to check if I needed any tape, scissors, or blutak. I felt like a VIP!

The View from my stall at the Bloom festival
The View from my stall at the Bloom festival. In my world, everyone is gloriously faceted. Photo by SpAE