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Thank you ComicGong!

We’re back from ComicGong and it was great!

Sweets Galore for ComicGong! Photo by Callan O'Donohoe - https://500px.com/stealthelf
Sweets Galore for ComicGong! Here’s a collection of some of the sweets I took down. Photo by Callan O’Donohoe

ComicGong was my first big show in a while and I can’t speak highly enough of how well it was organised – it was like a bigger version of the also impressively run Goulburn Comic Con late last year (which I hope I hope I hope will be on again this year!)

I don’t have any photos or media from the event just yet, but there are already some very cool photos on the ComicGong facebook page. It was such a busy morning I forgot to take a photo of my table before the crowd poured in!

Now to get back to the comics making…

Upcoming event: ZINE FAIR

Oh wow, a second zine fair?! THIS YEAR? ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶ I’m so spoiled!  I’m lucky to have been involved in so many fun zine and comics things – to the point where I’ve turned things down because I’ve been generally unavailable. :<

This Zine Fair is part of the exciting sounding zineSTARS exhibition, which I look forward to checking out on Saturday.


23 August (Saturday), 11am – 3pm
Tuggeranong Arts Centre (137 Reed Street, Greenway)

But the recent wave of sick plus as yet unreleased and occasionally secret collaborative comics means that most of my new stock looks like this

some fake sweets, freshly glazing
some fake sweets, freshly glazing

….new hobby aside, I will have stock of Sweet NV1 & 2, FeelgoodBoldly, Sweetie (which you can also purchase from the Zine Vending Machine, which will be there!), The Thing That Should Not Be.

And if you catch me in the right moment, you might even sneak a glimpse of the monster project that is currently taking over my life. That is not also sweets.

Returning to old things

20140605 Sweets Deco
Air-dry clay (Hearty) Macaron, chocolate coronet and other experiments in deco chocolate whip

This week I went back to doing some (good!) old things. I started drawing ACEOs again, after a long stint of irregularly drawing them. I’m trying my hand at miniature food again, after about five years of break! And, with the help of some peer pressure from some of my favourite creator friends, it looks like I’ll also be doing the 24 hour challenge this weekend. For as long as I can remember, the various good and organised people who run the 24 hour challenge in Australia have always done so on the Queen’s birthday long weekend. I think the last time I entered was some five years ago in a joint entry with Mark, at a point where I was getting more disappointed with myself and my making comics and rushing things out that I didn’t like for the challenge, for the sake of it. It was, for me, an exercise where I turned out nonsense but that was okay because I still had a new book’s worth of nonsense. In more recent years, I’ve skipped the challenge mainly because I was doing enough comic or illustration work at the time as is, and probably having more fun illustrating for others than coming up with my own stories. This year, I’ll be doing the 24 Hour Challenge again. I don’t know how many pages I’ll attempt to do but I’ll do my best! Who knows, perhaps next I’ll go back to writing >:|