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Upcoming market and a stack of new books

I’ll be at the Canberra Zine Fair this Sunday, with a few new print books for sale!

1. SWEET NV2 (The print version)

The cover for Sweet NV, issue 2!
The cover for Sweet NV, issue 2!

Oh it was an effort printing this, I will not lie. My printer is a bit of a demon bastard and ate through a whole stack of beautiful paper. HOWEVER, I do have some copies of NV2 – and it is a beautiful little B6 book with thin pages. I have a terrible weakness for books with thin pages.

For those who can’t make it, I will be posting the NV2 stock on my online store afterward. 🙂  Alternatively, get the pay-what-you-want digital version for as little as $0 here!

2. YES | NO

YES | NO - a zine project celebrating consent
YES | NO – a zine project celebrating consent

This is a wonderful little artbook-zine that I co-edited. Have I mentioned how proud I am of it yet? Because I’m crazy proud of it. We received TWO beautiful two page spreads that were too amazing not to be centrefolds…so we made two books 😀

All donations will be going to the Domestic Violence Crisis Service ACT.

3. Boldly, Sweetie

Cover for Boldly, Sweetie
Cover for Boldly, Sweetie

While not strictly new per se (it was launched with the Zine Vending Machine! <3), this will be its con/market debut. Hooray! It’ll be in the vending machine and on my half-table – so where you buy it from depends on how secretive you want to be about getting it! 😀

4. Feelgood

Yes, that's a different name on the cover

The secret book. Anyway, it’ll be on display.

Events for March

SWEET -  character design 2014
SWEET – character design 2014


Busy March ahead! Here’s what’s on the schedule, events-wise:

I’ll be launching Boldly, Sweetie at this event…fare thee well, baby wombat in the vending machine space rocket, and safe journeys to your new owners! <3

I’ll be hanging out in the Museum of Democracy’s brand new Zine Lounge from 6-9 pm on Friday March 8, as part of the Enlighten festival. There’ll be a quite a few other events at the museum, so come say hello if you’re around. I’ll be making comics on the night and probably getting stuck into some storyboards and designs for my major project – so come along if you want a sneak peek 🙂

To market, to market! I’ll be selling comics including Sweet NV 1 and 2 (!), Boldly Sweetie and some more of the classic The Thing That Should Not Be.

I’ll also be launching a brand new minicomic at the event. I haven’t decided if that particular minicomic will be a convention-only item yet, so snap one up while you can.

NEW COMIC: get Sweet NV #2 for free

New comic time!!

The cover for Sweet NV, issue 2!
The cover for Sweet NV, issue 2!

Sweet NV #2 is now finished and ready for your reading pleasure! And it’s free! You can download the comic here! You can also pick up a copy of Sweet NV1 (previously available in print only!) if you want to know Ratty’s origin story. I also have a new shop for my digital comics (as opposed to the usual print and hardcopy shop)


Both downloads contain the comic in CBR and PDF formats

  • Sweet NV1 ($1)
  • Sweet NV2 (free download, but you’re welcome to pay for it if you like! Just pick a price when you download it.)

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014! Here’s to a happier, more successful year ahead.

Despite all my hopes and wishes about the beautiful year of the snake, 2013 was not a good year for me. In return, I plan to attack 2014 with a vengeance. I had a nice holiday break where I managed to get a bunch of writing done – definitely looking forward to announcing the new projects from those, including an art project bigger than anything I’ve done before.

I’m planning to start 2014 with a bang.

I will be announcing a new comic at the end of this week. I’ve also snagged myself a spot at the Canberra Zine Fair, sharing a table with one of my favourite writers.

I had also planned to bilingualise all my posts this year, but the excellent language plugin I use, qTranslate Editor, isn’t quite ready for this version of WordPress yet…

Ratty makes the best drag race babe
Preview from Sweet NV 2 – to new beginnings!


And perhaps more wombats.


Baby Wombats - art by SpAE
Baby Wombats: digging class

Definitely more wombats.