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Busy January

Air dry clay work - sweets in progress for Valentine's day!
Air dry clay work – sweets and parts in progress for Valentine’s day!

Hello 2015! I’m not going to even try excusing myself for not having an earlier New Year post ;;; But I hope we have a great year ahead.

I can now confirm that I’ll be at Minicomicon in Brisbane on the 28 February! I’m planning to have at least one new comic with me…follow me on twitter or tumblr to watch the comic as-I-make-it!

The Crone (WIP) Digital illustration, 2015
Hopefully I’ll be bringing this along!

Events announcement: October and November

SWEET - Flowery love Digital, 2014
SWEET – Flowery love
Digital, 2014

Events keep me honest and updating. The last event, the Tuggeranong Arts Centre fair, was a lot of fun but rather, well, uneventful.  That’s the biggest problem with events in the far out suburbs with not a lot of promotion. On the other hand, it was a great place to debut my sweets deco work and we had a gorgeous view of the lake all day. Also, ice cream.

I’ve got two more events in my calendar this year, both free to attend and both to be filled with (exciting announcement) new books, new sweets and hopefully new art!

Upcoming Events

Other news

Strawberry daifuku earrings
Strawberry daifuku earrings

I have been quietly chugging along with things – finishing quiet collaboration comics here, struggling over the Major Project there, and making stacks of miniature food there to relax. Soon I’ll be able to announce two (!) new books and I think I will have both available for the next markets.  Expect those announcements soon 😉