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Painted firebunny

While I wait for my camera to charge so I can post this week’s Monday Night Life Drawing, have a preview of my current assignment: the Firebunny, now textured.

Eyes have also been textured, but not included in this shot.

The model was unwrapped and textured entirely in 3d coat. There are probably some things I should take fix up in Painter and make a little bit more delicate etc, but I was surprised how easy it was to paint onto the model directly in 3d coat – and how crazy easy it was to do up a textured normal and spec map in the same way. Originally I had only planned to lay on rough colours in 3d coat (especially with it being so easy to make sure painting is consistent across seams, which is one of the things that does bother me when I paint an unwrapped UV Map), but after a series of interesting accidents on my part I ended up doing the whole thing in the program.

What isn’t showing in this screenshot is the effects of the alpha map – There are bits that are supposed to be partly transparent. Hopefully I’ll show you what I mean in the next render I upload.

Firebunny: 3d Model WIP

Our current assignment at school is modelling a hi-poly non-human character. It was a fun chance to revisit a design from earlier this year/occasionally dreamed up previously:

I had a much better understanding of the firebunny and it seemed much more suited for an animation assignment than the much more stoic woodbunny. I still intend to model the woodbunny eventually – the firebunny needs her friend!

This is where I’m up to with the model:

As with the previous model, there are still things I’m learning. For example, extrude from the limbs BEFORE joining to make sure that there are nice edge loops around the joints, instead of having to make stuff up later. >:( Still, frustrating as it is to make mistakes, the learning process itself is heaps of fun. Making firebunny is also noticeably easier than making Robomaiden was, and I am much more familiar with human than rabbit anatomy, which at least proves I have learned something.

We have a limit of 30k polys (or tris on the screenshot). Big bunny, and I’ve hit the fiddling-for-the-sake-of-pre-deadline-fiddling point, so I think she’s just about done.