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Looking Back, ACEO. Markers, 2014
Looking back
Markers, 2014

I’m back! (And so is the prints and paper-comics store) And I’ve returned with the awful problem of wanting to do everything at once. Between the break and the sheer busy of the start of this year, June suddenly feels lonely. Quiet. Like I’m not doing anything, despite the to-do list and that the month has only just begun. What I really need to do is sit down and plan out a few (big!) things, but it’s so much easier to just busy myself with all the little things instead.

Like this new card.

working like an iceberg

Character illustration: Vayu from SWEET CG, 2013
Character illustration: Vayu from SWEET, a classic prettyboy
CG, 2013

My worst trouble with being elbow deep in the otherwise most excellent concept design stage of a project is not being able to post things. Also the laze-inducing heatwaves we’ve been having did not exactly help.

January was a rush of writing and heatwaves for me. I’ve written my major project for 2014. I’m almost done with a mini comic I’ll be announcing at the start of March, and about 40% done with another mini comic that’s something a little out of the norm for me. And as some sort of bonus present from the universe, I managed to crank out a front split, which is something I had been working toward for a while. The only thing I’ve really slipped on have been my language study plans.

So this month I plan to bring many more posts full of comic and illustration preview goodness.

Character design for a sci-fi project CG 2014
Character design for a sci-fi project
CG 2014

Also, a big THANK YOU to everyone who read Sweet NV2 (and NV 1!) and gave me feedback.

So far I’ve been told that Train Girls was unexpected, both within the comic and (for more long-term followers of my work) out of my writing style. I’m glad and very flattered that it made such an impact, and I think a lot of that impact came from the story being an important issue for me. Writing-wise, I think I’ll always love whimsy and fluff but it’s been fun writing more serious stories too. If you have something to say, please let me know! <3